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Goal, Plan, Start: The GPS Program

Are you happy with the direction of your life? Set a new course for success! I’ve spent more than a decade helping people just like you—people who thought the best days of their lives were already over, that the dreams they once held for success were just fantasies. This year, I want to share a program I created that can help you find a new way to accomplish your dreams! Stop dreaming—and start goal setting! Make this the year you stop dreaming about success, wealth, happiness, and fulfillment and start living it! With the GPS goal-setting kit, you’ll get a seven-chapter workbook focused on helping you set goals the right way. Create a plan to achieve your goals. Define what you want out of life and create a plan to get it. Set new challenges throughout the year. Together, we’ll identify your ultimate goals and create a workable plan to get them. It’s a GPS for your life and once you set it with your destination, you’ll be on your way. In order to make this year the year that drives the course of the rest of your life, I’m going to include three bonus items that will supplement the GPS program and make this year your defining year. 


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