When You Want to Succeed as Bad as You Want to Breathe, Then You'll Be Successful

"When you want to Succeed as Bad as you want to Breathe, then you'll be Successful” is a great reminder to desire success as much as the desire to breathe. Here are some of the main points to reflect upon from the very popular YouTube video. Make sure you check it out:

There Is Never a Right Time

Waiting for the right time will land you on a list with millions of other people who have put the responsibility of dream fulfillment up to everybody except themselves. You might tell yourself that next week you will start a diet. You might think that in a month you will switch jobs because you are unhappy. Waiting will get you nowhere and will only continue to disappoint the same way that believing somebody else is going to make your dreams come true. You must make your own sacrifices because you are the only one who can understand the accomplishments that will make you feel complete. Think of today as your last moment for greatness because tomorrow is never guaranteed.

The Curse of Comfort

Becoming comfortable with where you are in life is a great way to keep yourself from achieving your dreams. As described in the video, comfort stops growth. Comfort inhibits desires. Comfort implies satisfaction in a way that you have completed some of your goals and possibly a couple of the short term tasks that you have set. Think of comfort as the meals you eat every single day – you get hungry, you eat the meal and you are temporarily fulfilled, however, you know you will need to eat again soon because you will be hungry. Stay hungry for success every single day of your life. Even though you may be temporarily satisfied, search for that next source of pleasure and never give in until you have filled your expectations. You will never realize your true potential if you remain in your comfort zone because this zone unfortunately contains no growth or self-development.

Do Things You Love

A firefighter? An astronaut? A professional baseball player? What did you convince yourself you wanted to be when you grew up? More importantly, why did you stop dreaming about becoming whatever you wanted to be? The most likely answers are the expectations of your family, money, doubt, or because you found an easier path. Finding a career you are passionate about where you can engage in activities that you love doing is an absolute must when living a successful life. If you are working a job that you hate, you are bottlenecking several areas of your life’s potential. Quit resisting your hearts desires and bust through the barriers holding you back.

The Graveyard

A fantastic reminder is the importance of releasing your potential while you have the opportunity because if you wait, you will be taking some of the greatest inventions and ideas to the graveyard. It is inconceivable to comprehend the amount of medical revelations, technological advancements, agricultural wonders, and architectural sensations that have made their way to the dirt because of those who either held their ideas to themselves or did not believe they were capable of producing results that they could show the world. Today is your chance and I’m not telling you, I’m begging you – please, share your greatness with the world before it gets buried.

There are a select few consistencies that every human being experiences – one being pain.

We experience all kinds of pain whether we want to or not. There is pain in loss, regret, and tragedy. There is also pain in success. Pain in success is only found in the formula that is created by embracing whatever pain you have experienced and converting that emotion into fuel that will lead to greatness. By no means am I saying nobody has ever been successful without pain, but pain is what makes raising your arms into the air when you have completed a goal worth the battle. If you haven’t experienced pain, then what are you fighting to prevent yourself from feeling again?

Easy to be On the Bottom

“If it were easy, then everybody would do it”. We have all heard this time-honored quote from our coaches, teachers and parents. Have you ever really taken this to heart and thought about those who truly believe that life is easy? Not only can you count their personal accomplishments on one hand, but you could high five them with the amount of hours they spend watching T.V every day as well! Make yourself great by challenging yourself and creating difficult days because the burdensome moments will totally be worth it.


“There is no time like the present”. The final encouraging quote cannot be overstated. There literally is no time greater than the present moment you are living. When you decide to take that dive and become completely immersed in the lifestyle that is uncomfortable, challenging, painful, and downright insane, you will start to want success as much as the air you are breathing.