What is Your "Why" When it Comes to Staying Healthy and in Shape

My entire office is doing a “Biggest Loser” competition amongst ourselves and we just finished our first month. The results were phenomenal! I am so proud of everyone. The competition got me to thinking about my “why” when it comes to staying in shape and the reasons behind it.

 As I was thinking of this, I can tell you one of my biggest regrets is never meeting my grandpa Freeland. He didn't die because of being obese, he passed from a health issue he couldn't prevent. But it  makes you think about who may you be hurting or how may you be being selfish by not taking care of yourself when it is a health issues that are preventable. Many times we hear someone who is not being healthy or eating properly make comments such as "what do they care it's my body” or “I am only hurting myself." Can you honestly tell me you believe that?  Have you ever stopped and thought WHY it would be a good reason to stay healthy?  What grandkids might you never meet, what accomplishments might you miss your kids do, who will be there to take care of your significant other as they grow old? Even more so, have you thought about how you may be selling yourself short in this life of all the happiness and things you could accomplish just by not taking care of yourself? 

The reason I am so passionate about this is I went through many health conditions in my late 20's that I could not change by working out or eating right. I had Ulcerative Colitis that could only be fixed by many surgeries.  So when I had a second chance at a normal life by staying in shape and getting healthy I took it and ran with it so that if there is ever anything I can do to prevent any illness I can feel as though I did my part.  So our office has been taking a stand to be healthier for many reasons this year. We invite you to join the movement and tell us what your “why” is for staying healthy and trying to stay in shape.