Upgrade Dreams of Success

Motivation is not something that can be taught. Motivation is a drive, a passion, the feeling inside of us that wants to break out and prove our unique greatness to everybody. Within each of us lies potential for greatness and yet there are those who make the decision to waste their dreams of success because they have failed, they are scared, they don’t believe in themselves, too much risk involved, or they simply have not made the commitment to flip their mental switch and do it – achieve their dreams.

Each person has dreams that they would love to see come true. Regardless the size of the dream, people naturally feel the urge to contribute, to succeed, to be needed, and to be seen as they are – which is great. It is easy to say that millionaires followed their dreams because they appear successful, however, success cannot be measured by the amount of money in a bank account. Success can only be measured by the commitment to chase your big dreams. Dreaming big is your imagination without limits. Where does your imagination take you? What ideas are you afraid to tell others because you don’t want to appear a fool? What vision of yourself keeps you awake at night even though you’re physically drained and have to be up for work in an hour?

You’ve now read this and imagined your wildest dream. Think about it once more in depth and the feeling of contentment when you’ve finally done it, finally reached your potential by making the decision to go after it! Heart racing, mind buzzing, eyes wide, you had the chance and you’ve done it! YOU’RE SUCCESSFUL!

If you’re still reading this you’ve already ruined your best, most current chance to be successful. It’s gone, right? The reminders of why you can’t, the excuses, the past failures win again. The path to success is not an easy one, hence the reason why not everybody is a multi-millionaire with “no worries”. A common misconception is that life is easier after you have realized your dreams and have acquired a large amount of currency. It might be true in some cases, but with the completion of one dream means the creation of another – think cycle, not process. We are not granted one dream and we will either achieve it or fail miserably. It does not get any easy the more “successful” you are.

Those who appear successful are facing the same daily struggles with realizing their next big dream and it’s absolutely tearing them apart from the inside. Why? They have felt IT and they are a ravenous force that wants more! They have an appetite that can’t be satiated and they will win. Their dreams might be unlimited, but they have no room for discouragement. Consider the following sentence and share your interpretation: "The perception of success from another’s viewpoint is a mirage of contagious disappointment."