Unleash Your Mojo #1

Some people just seem to be born with the “it factor.” You know; personality … pizzazz … MOJO. No matter what they touch turns to gold. People can’t seem to stay away from them but follow their lead. I had struggled for years with the fact I was one of those followers who just didn’t seem to have “it.” Then I began to wonder “Are you born with MOJO, or can you develop it?” The scientist in me decided to investigate. Boy, did I learn a few things!  People may be born with certain personality traits (or lack thereof) and be able to use those traits to advance themselves in life, but that does not guarantee them success. There are plenty of people out there who begin life with “it” only to fall behind the pack as adults.  Why? Because they never learned how to develop their inner strength – this thing we call MOJO. Then I asked myself, “If those born with MOJO can fail because they never learn how to develop it properly, can those lacking MOJO create it in their own lives?” The answer is a resounding YES!  Whew! If this is true it means normal ordinary people like you and me can develop that kind of personality … pizzazz … and inner power needed to do great things in life. Maybe our mothers were right after all and we can succeed beyond our wildest dreams. So how can you (and I) develop our inner power? I’ve been investigating that for awhile now and am going to share all of my findings. There is no secret here. MOJO is not something we have or do not have; are born with or not born with. Rather, it is something we can develop and strengthen and then use to our benefit.  Ready to take a crazy ride to find your MOJO? Great!