Sense of Humor- A Trait of Great Leadership

In order to survive as the leader of a group of people, an individual must have a sense of humor. Whether the team is comprised of employees, colleagues, or any other group of people it is essential for the leader to have a good sense of humor and project a positive attitude. There are so many things out of our control that it definitely is advantageous to have a good sense of humor to combat the unexpected.

If your website crashes, a tree falls severing your electricity, internet, and telephone lines, a major client is lost or any other catastrophe occurs how you guide your team through the process of dealing with the calamity is as important as it is challenging. How you handle the issue can affect the morale of your team and as leader it is your job to extend a positive attitude while maintaining your sense of humor. When that sometime happens, it is over and done with, the damage has been done and there is nothing to be gained by focusing on the negative aspects but much to be gained from focusing on the positive. Morale is directly linked to productivity and productivity is essential to the success of any team.

Your website crash could be used as an opportunity to design a new fresh look for your site. A leader approaching this situation with humor might state the internet gremlins became bored with the old site and this was their way of compelling the team to devise a new updated website. The tree falling might require more of a sense of humor but it can provide a means for your team members to take a few days break until the electricity and other technologies are restored. Focus on the positive; everyone will return rested, refreshed and more than willing to get back to work. Evaluate why your team might have lost the major client and use the knowledge as a learning tool. Each of these incidents could have been much worse so a great leader is thankful for what did not occur and treats what did with humor and a positive attitude. As long as your team has the ability to learn from mistakes encourage them to laugh at the mistakes rather than dwelling on the negative aspects.

If the team leader can create a light atmosphere with a thread of humor, the team members will look forward to starting the work day rather than dreading the time required before they may go home for the day. If you are a great leader with a positive attitude you strive to find the humor in the struggles you and your team encounter. By doing so, your work environment and that of your team members will be a positive and healthy work space which definitely encourages productivity on the road to success.