Production, Passion, and Our Given Purpose

Have you ever been inside a car dealership? And not just on the lot, but inside the showroom to see the top of the line cars. Have you seen the high end sports car, or better yet a brand new top of the line truck? Is that truck or sports car fulfilling its given purpose by being put on display in that showroom? You have seen a truck on a television commercial towing a giant boat but then in the showroom you see that tough as nails truck sitting delicately on carpet squares. If that truck could talk it would probably scream!

The ancient Greeks had a word to describe the full given purpose of something. Telos, meaning an end or purpose. What if we are all alive for a given purpose? A telos to the point that at the end of our lives we could look back and say, “yes, I achieved my purpose in life.”

Far too often we miss what our purpose in life is. We live our lives missing and longing for that purpose when the whole time we’re just missing it in the hustle and bustle of life. There are two thoughts for discovering this purpose. These two thoughts are not the limiting factors of finding your purpose, but rather two very capable guides in assessing your life and the purpose behind it.

First, PRODUCTION. This is a great way for us to really determine who we are. If you are like that truck sitting in a pretty show room instead of at a work site you miss your purpose. You may be killing yourself at work and focused so much on being a good parent by providing finically for your family, that you become absent from your family. Look at what you are good at. What are you producing?

Second, PASSION. This may be the thought that most of us in life wish we could do. What are you passionate about? This is where we as people separate from the purpose of a truck. We have passions, dreams, and hopes to achieve. This second thought helps us view our purpose in life in a different light. What are you passionate about doing? Why are you not pursuing that? Are you fulfilling your telos? What is your purpose in life and are you making that your number one priority?