Positive People Can Keep You ON the Right Track

Positive People Can Keep You ON the Right Track

One of the main keys to success is having positive and supporting people who will stand behind you and help you. These people should be people you trust and who will stay with you through anything that might come your way. But, how do you find these supporters? What types of personalities should be avoided? How do you interact with these people? How do you stop from taking advantage of these people in your life? All of these are important questions that have solid answers which will help you find the positive people in your life. 

How to Find Your Positive People

In the grand scheme of things, positive people are not that hard to find. Too many people think “positive” means being happy all the time. Yes, being positive means a person has a certain amount of optimism, but it also means they are supportive, trusting of your ideas and want to help you succeed. Most times the positive people you’re looking for are already in your life. They could be family members, friends, co-workers, almost anyone. They are the people who you trust, who would do anything for you, and who are constantly pushing you. These people will help make your success possible and will keep you on a positive track. 

What Types of Personalities are Positive People?

It is true certain personality types are much more positive than others. It is also true some personality types strive to only benefit themselves, even at the harm of others. Some of the most common personality types you will encounter are:

  • Performers- Performers are those people you know who are very open-minded. They are constantly going after new things, testing new ideas and aiming to please people. They also work well with others, are creative and spontaneous. These are mainly positive people who will do anything to help others succeed. This is one type of person you want to have around because they WANT to help you succeed without getting personal gain.
  • Intellectuals- These are the people who think very highly of themselves. They put their knowledge above everything else and they often will ignore conversations that don’t have any logical base. These people will often only do things that have some kind of gain for them. Be wary of making people like this your positive people, because they can use you.
  • Guardians- These people crave stability and security. They will do anything to help others but they might become stubborn or inflexible with their ideas. They want things to be done their way because they think it’s the only way you can even begin to achieve success. Although they are highly driven individuals you may not want a Guardian as one of your positive people because you could get easily irritated with their unwillingness to listen to your ideas.
  • Idealists- These are people who have traits of intuition. They almost always make snap judgments about people but they extremely kind and loving. They are imaginative and insightful. They oftentimes can see things others can’t such as patterns or links between things. These are definitely people you would want to name as part of your “positive” people because they could be a big help with finding things you may not have seen by yourself. They also will help build you up.

Of course there are many other personality types out there, but these are just four of the common ones you will come across. Just because someone may not be the ideal personality type doesn’t mean they CAN’T be your positive person. It just means they are not commonly seen as positive people. 

How to Interact

You have found yourself some people you consider your positive people, now what? Many people don’t know HOW to interact with their positive people. Just because these people now have a “name” for what you consider them does not mean you have to treat them any differently. You more than likely already know these people, so just keep doing with them what you have been doing. If some of them don’t know your plans for success yet, then share and get some input from them. You can also seek counsel from these people when you feel stuck. Beyond that, continue to treat them like you would on an everyday basis. Nothing has changed about these people. They just are people you think support you, keep you positive, and help you. 

The Impact of Positive People

Having positive people in your life to help with your success and keep you motivated can truly have a profound effect on you. This is how:

  • Provide An Escape: They can help you calm down, take a break, and escape from the stress of everyday life.
  • Keep You Positive: They can help keep you optimistic even when things are falling around you.
  • Keep You Grounded: They can help remind you that you aren’t “all that” and you need to remember who helped you get where you are.
  • Help You Get Your Job Done: They can pick up your slack and help you get everything you need done, done.
  • They Give You Advice: They help you work through problems and roadblocks you might be facing.
  • Help You Through Tough Times: They pick you up when you fall and convince you to keep going.
  • Give You Ideas: When you get stuck in a rut, they help pull you out and give you new, fresh ideas.
Of course there are many other ways positive people impact your life, but these are just a few of the major ways your positive people can impact you. Positive people have an amazing impact on your life and they can be a determining factor in your success. Finding your positive people doesn’t have to be hard and being with them is going to be one of the most amazing experiences of your success.
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