Perseverance: Who’s Got It and Who Doesn’t

It’s easy to recognize people who possess perseverance. They’re the ones who are driven. They’re able to keep walking steadily forward on the path they’ve chosen, despite pitfalls along the way.  The

Secret Truth about Obstacles 

Some folks think that pitfalls and obstacles don’t bother those who persevere, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. These interruptions bother the perseverant just as much as anyone else; it’s just that the perseverant know what the proper reaction is, and are totally willing to take the necessary action steps.  Obstacles don’t reduce the courage of the perseverant, they double it. Sometimes, these individuals get excited about the imminent difficulties. They sharpen their wits, accept the challenge, devise a plan, and go.

Gaining the Power of Perseverance

If you lack perseverance, you may have already noticed how easily defeated you seem to be by the circumstances around you. If you want to gain the power of perseverance, this is something that can’t go on. You have to learn to see challenges as something exciting to be conquered, not as a roadblock. You can even turn it into a game or test of your strength and determination. When you have goals that mean something to you and excite you, it makes it much easier to gain the skill of perseverance. Allow your goal to become a fixed idea in your head, one that you think about each and every day. Visualize it, look forward to it and allow yourself boundless excitement when you contemplate it. I promise that excitement will feed into your soul and your determination will begin to evolve. It may show itself in small ways at first, but as you experience the difference just those tiny bits of resolve make in bringing you closer to your goal, you’ll find yourself pushing even harder to develop the perseverance you need to realize your dreams.