One of My Favorite Reasons for Thinking Positively

I have always been termed “a positive person” and I think the main reason I attempt to view things positively is it makes me feel good. I have noticed when I think positively about a situation or life in general I feel better, have more energy and am usually raring to go. There is an adage “mind over matter” which I usually end with “I don’t have a mind so it doesn’t matter”!

But seriously, the mind does have a strong influence and effect on your body so when you think positively it affects your health as well as your energy level. If you view life in general in a positive manner you typically have a higher energy level and are healthier than individuals who think negatively. Your mind transmits your happiness and positive attitude to your body which in turn helps your energy level, immune system and therefore your health in general.

An individual who is continually thinking negatively and presents a negative attitude usually has less energy and does not feel as well as an individual with a positive attitude. Your mind will transmit the negativity to the rest of your body which in turn reacts by producing less energy. Don’t allow your mind to constantly express feelings of displeasure, have a negative attitude, or continually complain about your health or your mind will convince your body to emulate those thoughts. If this happens chances are you will not feel well and you will have less energy than an individual who views things from a positive standpoint. So improve your health by casting those negative thoughts aside!

-Submitted by Kathy Schrader