Making Your Dreams Come True in Five Years or Less

Five years isn’t such a long time. Now consider this, you could have everything you want in that amount of time! Yes, it is true. Your dreams can become a reality within the next 60 months. Amazing!

The power to create the life or business you want is within your grasp. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from or how much money you have or don’t have. What you do have is power; the power to achieve it all. The trick is having the guts to try.

Here is a little exercise to get you started. Begin by writing down your greatest aspirations. Don’t be shy. Write down everything you want to accomplish within the next five years. By putting your wishes into words and writing them down, you give them more potential to come true. Why? Because the physical act of writing them down gives the conscious mind the ability to take them from the subconscious mind. It is this transfer that helps to begin the process of working toward our goals instead of just letting them stay hidden within.

Writing down your goals is the first step, but there is another; believing you can achieve them.  Remember – you can’t make anything happen in your life if you do not believe it can happen.  Think about the young child learning to ride a bicycle. They have all the skills and instruction. Why, they may even have perfect balance. But, until they have the confidence in themselves and believe they can indeed ride without help, no child can do it. It is the belief that helps them use the skills they have to create a new reality; one in which they can ride without assistance. The same is true for just about anything we want to do. Fail to believe in your ability to accomplish your goal and you will fail. Believe the impossible is possible and before you know it you are doing the things needed to make it happen.

Another step toward making your dreams come true is figuring out what success looks like to you. It is different for every person. Some people view success in terms of the people they influence while others gauge success simply by the amount found in their checkbook. Before you begin working toward success, figure out what it means to you by asking yourself these basic questions:

  • What do I really want? Stop letting the world and the people in it influence you. Decide what makes you happy and figure out what you really want to accomplish in life. Do you want to run a million dollar business or would you be happy simply leading a small office in your hometown? Only you can decide.
  • Do I let others tell me if I’m a success or not?  All-too-often we allow others to influence how we view ourselves and our successes. Maybe you set out to build a small floral design shop and manage to squeak out a decent living.  If that is what you set out to do and are happy with your accomplishment, then great. Don’t let others tell you that you should be doing more – or better. On the other hand, if you want to try something new and different don’t let others discourage you by telling you your dream is impossible – it isn’t!
  • Do I have a plan? Once you know what you want, then it is up to you to devise a plan of action that can help you get it. Few successful businesspeople simply become rich or famous without a plan. Getting what you want in life takes an action plan to help you stay on the right path. Maybe your plan will include other goals like finishing your business degree or learning a new skill. It doesn’t really matter what it includes as long as your plan puts you on the right path and keeps you there.

Five years doesn’t seem like a very long time and it isn’t. But it is usually plenty of time to begin the process of achieving your dreams. For some people, their five-year plan includes successful completion of their goal. For others, it may just be the beginning of a long and successful career with more and more goals being added in future years. The point is you can achieve your basic dream in five years or less – if you are willing to figure out what you truly want and put in the work necessary to devise a plan of action and follow through by doing whatever is necessary to make your dreams come true.