How I Began My "Brand"

I have a lot of people come up and ask me where I started my career and how I got to where I am today. I was early in my 20’s and I was a Financial Representative for a captive company. I enjoyed selling insurance and securing people’s futures, but I didn’t enjoy the narrow line of products I had to choose from. I learned quickly that insurance products aren’t “one size fits all” and I knew I wasn’t properly insuring my clients at the time. So at the age of 23, I started my own agency called Postema Insurance & Investments ,which has over 90 carriers. 

Postema Insurance & Investments quickly grew and I added on over 15 agents to help me serve our growing clientele. Throughout that time myself and my agents weren’t receiving much sales support from the middle men, also known as Independent Marketing Organizations (IMOs.) The large insurance carriers won’t communicate with small independent agencies, so an IMO is typically the middle man. 

Since I wasn’t receiving the support I thought we deserved, I started my own IMO called Postema Marketing Group. Postema Marketing Group now services agents all over the United States in selling insurance products to prospective clients. Through working for both companies, I realized that a lot of clients want information in their hands so they can make a qualified decision on what insurance products they need. With that information, I began writing my insurance knowledge down with the intent to make books to hand out to my clients for free. The more educated they were on the products, the easier my job became. It didn’t take long before my books were flying off the shelves and in the blink of an eye I become an Amazon #1 Best-Selling author ten times.  Now, I spend my days running the above companies along with managing over a dozen other ones and writing more content for future books. That’s my “brief” commercial on how I began my career. What industry are you in and how did you get started down your career path? 

-Dennis M. Postema