Honesty- A Trait of Great Leadership

Honesty- A Trait of Great Leadership

Whenever you lead a group of individuals whether they are employees, colleagues, or any other group of people they will look to you for guidance. Therefore, you must display qualities which will inspire them and give them a behavior to emulate. Honesty is one trait great leaders typically display. Honesty encourages the team members to respond in kind. Consequently, as the team leader if you are honest there is a far greater chance your team members will be honest in their actions and behavior.

You, as their leader, are responsible for your team of people therefore whatever ethical bar you personally hold yourself to, in a leadership capacity that bar should be raised even higher. If you display honesty in all your actions you will gain the respect of your team members. Team members who respect their leader are more willing to work together to achieve the goal or objective of the team. You should remember your team members are a reflection of you and your values and if you make honesty a key value your team members will follow suit. 

Honesty is the quality or fact of being honest which the dictionary defines as honorable in principles, intentions, and actions. Other definitions of honest include showing fairness, sincerity, and being genuine – all excellent traits for a great leader to strive for and inspire in team members. Teams who display this trait typically have the ability to form a better communication connection with individuals outside of the team but who are essential to the overall success of the team. 

Additionally, honesty within a team relationship will promote a healthy environment for your team to function. Working in this type of environment or atmosphere will go far towards assisting the team achieve their goals or objectives. For a team to be successful, one of the requirements is the team needs to reach its goals. Hence, honesty is an essential trait for a leader and team to exhibit if success is to be attained.

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