Highly-Motivated- A Trait of Great Leadership

Highly-Motivated- A Trait of Great Leadership

Motivation is important in all life’s activities as it impacts mental as well as physical human reactions. A highly-motivated individual has one of the most important qualities necessary to be successful in life. High motivation is a common trait found within a great leader. Whether an individual is the leader of a group of employees, colleagues or another group of people, exhibiting high motivation is a definite plus when leading team members to the successful attainment of the team’s goals. 

A highly-motivated leader has a strong desire to guide the team toward the successful completion of the team’s goals in the most efficient and effective manner. A highly-motivated leader inspires high motivation in the team members resulting in higher productivity and increased revenue as well as more satisfied team members. Team members with low motivation typically work slower, are more dissatisfied with their position on the team and usually will have a negative impact on the overall morale of the team. A highly-motivated leader is able to provide incentive for the team members through giving the team members definitive and realistic goals the members are encouraged to strive to attain. 

Unfortunately, even definitive and realistic goals are difficult to achieve if team members have low motivation. Therefore, having a highly-motivated leader to guide the team is an unmistakable advantage to the team achieving its goals while producing a positive atmosphere for the team. Ultimately, high motivation is necessary and important as it is the psychological catalyst team members guided by the leader require to successfully attaining the team’s goals. Goals and motivation work hand in hand. Goals provide the objectives for the team member’s to seek and motivation provides the means to attain the goals. 

A leader with little motivation will have difficulty encouraging the team members to complete the goals while a highly motivated leader should have little difficulty inspiring the team members to tackle what is necessary to accomplish the goals. Therefore, high motivation is an essential trait of a great team leader capable of successfully leading the team to success!

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