Finding Your Mojo

Finding Your Mojo

What is mojo? That’s a question I’d asked myself many times over the last few years. To me, mojo was someone’s ability to command a room. It was the devastating combo of personality and style. But now I’ve come to realize it’s more than that.  A strong personality certainly can make you seem more likable, but true mojo requires strength too. It’s an internal power that allows you to not only get people’s attention but to hold that attention and lead them. This kind of personal power is unique. It doesn’t just make you, you, it can also help to push you forward in life.  Mojo is more than personality or likability and it’s more than brute strength; it’s the fuel that empowers you. I have dedicated my life to figuring out how to build this kind of strength in my own life and now I’m going to tell you how to do it too. 

Steps to Developing Mojo

 I believe the first step in developing mojo is finding what you’re good at and honing those skills. This requires figuring out what you’re passionate about because without a real passion for what you do, anything you try will grow stale and mundane over time.  If there’s one thing mojo isn’t, it’s stale or mundane. Mojo is about excitement, passion, and energy. So think about what excites you, what energizes you. In short, what keeps your attention? What project or idea won’t leave you alone? What do you dream of doing with your life? Here’s where you’ll find your sweet spot—the one that draws you in.  Find out where your mojo lies by answering these simple questions:

  • How do I spend my spare time?
  • What grabs my attention?
  • What thoughts, ideas, or interests will not leave me alone?
  • What do I fight against, even though I am drawn to it?
  • What do others say I'm good at?
  • What dreams did I have as a child or teenager?
Now choose something from this list and consider the possibilities. Allow your mind to wander and your spirit to soar. Unleash your mojo by finding that small, secret desire within yourself. Then use it to develop your inner strength and power. The future you desire awaits.

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