Finding the Right Employees

If there is one mistake you will want to avoid now and in the future it is choosing employees solely because they come cheap. Just because one person will work for minimum wage does not mean you will get as much work (or quality work) from them as you would from someone who commands a few dollars more per hour. 

Research has shown people who are paid what they believe they are worth give their jobs their full attention and dedication, while those who feel cheated monetarily by their employers tend to slack off and give less than their best. This can result in lost man hours and far less work completed.

Money may be tight right now, but in order for your business to grow it needs to run smoothly and that requires having an employee base that is qualified, professional and trustworthy. It’s okay to take on people who need to be trained; just be sure you have the time to do it and they are willing to learn. 

Regardless of the position, office manager or sales clerk, it is vital you find the right people to fit each job well. Making a good match can mean the difference between a job well done and a job barely done. 

But, how in the world can you sift through those applications and find the gems in the pile? After all, the odds are great everyone looks pretty good on a resume. 

First, you will want to consider what types of personalities fit each job you must fill. Maybe you want an older more experienced person to run the day to day operations in your office, but don’t mind using an individual brand new to the workforce to answer the phones. This is your call. Just be sure you know why you are choosing certain personality types for particular positions. 

Remember, different personalities can offer a lot of strengths to your business. While an older applicant may offer real life experience, a former stay at home mom likely is easily able to handle multi-tasking well and a young inexperienced worker may have the drive and enthusiasm an older worker lacks.

Once you know what you are looking for in your applicants then try and discern individual characteristics to help guide you toward your interview subjects. Trust your own instincts. If someone jumps out at you, believe there is a reason and at least give them a chance to make an impression.

Once you have chosen a few applicants from the pile call them in for a face to face interview. This is the time to figure out whether or not the person on paper is the person you will have to work with on a daily basis. Don’t be surprised to discover the applicant with the best looking resume doesn’t necessarily meet your expectations. Having all the “right answers” for an employment application does not mean the person can handle the job at hand. Some people simply lack the knowledge and the drive to succeed.

How much credibility should you give experience when hiring? While it is true that past job performance in your field can mean a smoother transition for a new employee and save you time and energy training them, some more experienced employees often exhibit an “I know it all” attitude. This can be difficult to deal with and leave you little room for getting things done “your way.” 

Those with little or no experience can sometimes offer a fresh way of looking at and doing things. These workers are usually more open to being shown how to handle certain situations. However, they may also lack the understanding to foresee problems and ward them off or they may become frustrated and overwhelmed by the task at hand. Plus, the less experienced a new hire, the more training they will need and this will cost you both time and money. 

Whether to hire someone with experience or not is a matter of weighing the contenders and seeing which way the scale tips to best fit your needs.

Above all, be sure you choose employees who understand you work as a team, but you remain the boss. Having a friendly work atmosphere is great as long as everyone gets their work done and your office remains efficient. The right hires can be friends and still be great workers. Strive for a good mix and you won’t be disappointed.