Developing a Winning Working Team

Most young entrepreneurs begin their careers doing most of the work themselves. They handle everything from sales to marketing to the accounting to even cleaning the office after hours. There isn’t anything focused entrepreneurs won’t do – or can’t handle – at the beginning of their careers.  But, as your business grows, you will need to begin to add contractors and employees to your team in order to ensure things don’t fall through the cracks allowing problems to emerge. This may leave you wondering what type of team to assemble.  At the beginning, you will want to keep your employee list small, only considering the most essential positions, concentrating on finding people to handle the projects and jobs you either do not have time for or are not qualified to handle yourself. Here are just a few employee suggestions to get you started: 

A Good Attorney

Any type of business can develop legal issues. At the very least, you will want to have a good attorney on stand-by to review contracts and licenses, etc. Hiring a qualified business attorney to handle the legal aspects of your business transactions can help save you a lot of headaches and cash down the line. Keep in mind there is no need to keep an attorney on fulltime. Hiring one either on retainer or per diem is usually fine and can save you thousands of dollars every year. 

A Tax-Savvy Accountant

Keeping abreast of your tax situation will probably be fairly easy when your business is still small. But, as your income and your employee base grow, you will need to find an accountant you can trust to handle all the financial dealings associated with running a business. In larger cases, you may need an entire team to handling billing procedures, expenses, employee benefits, salaries, etc.  Whether you hire an in house team or an outside company to handle your finances is up to you – just be sure to keep abreast of what’s going on to keep everything organized and legal! Remember, it’s your money (and reputation) on the line, so never hand over all financial duties to someone else without you knowing exactly what’s going on with your books at all times. 

A Responsible Office Manager

As your business grows, so will your daily responsibilities. Thankfully, many of them can be handled by a good office manager.  While you are out dealing with clients and drumming up new business opportunities, your business manager can handle the day to day operations back in the office. 

A Human Relations Professional

Once you begin adding more employees to your staff you may want to consider hiring a HR executive to handle hiring, firing, salary reviews, benefits, and more. This person should be able to work with your employees to help make their jobs easier as well as develop training programs, handbooks, policies and more. 

Marketing Guru

Marketing gets more and more complicated every day. Gone are the days when a simple radio ad and press release in the local paper could get the word out about your products and services. Today’s thriving companies must also be social media savvy, internet marketing pros and more!  Hiring a professional marketing guru (either in house or through a firm) is essential to growing a 21st century business. While there may be other professionals you decide to bring on board your team later on, for now these are the most important team members to consider as soon as you can afford to.  In the meantime, simply handle every aspect of your business on your own and be ready to hand over what responsibilities and chores you can when you are ready.