Confidence- A Trait of Great Leadership

Confidence is a trait every great leader exhibits whether the leader of a group of employees, colleagues or another group of people. If a leader does not have confidence in his or her abilities how can the team members have confidence in the leader’s abilities? A great leader should display a confident calmness even when under stress and have the ability to display this confidence to the team members. Additionally, a great leader should have the confidence to persevere and accomplish the team’s goals regardless of being confronted by what might seem to be insurmountable obstacles. 

As a leader there may be days when things definitely do not go according to plan. Something occurs to divert the team from the pathway to the team’s objective. The leader must have confidence in the team’s ability as well as the personal confidence to extinguish the fires while maintaining the team morale. This confidence must be sustained while assuring the team members that setbacks are natural and can be overcome. As long as the team members continue to have confidence their leader and in their own abilities to successfully reach the team’s goal, they will be able to focus on that goal rather than focusing on whatever is causing the setback.

A leader with the confidence to lead the team calmly through whatever difficulty might be thrown in the team’s path will be able to inspire that same confidence in the team members. The team will take their cues from the leader therefore it is imperative the leader continually displays confidence and remains calm during any adversity.  The key to the team’s ability to successfully achieving the goals and overcoming any diversions is the leader’s confidence the team will prevail through the difficulty while keeping everyone working and moving towards the team’s objective. Therefore, confidence is definitely a required trait or characteristic of any great leader as it is necessary before the team may be successful in reaching its goals.