Building a Network of Positivity

In my experience, most people fall into one of two categories: either worrying about achieving more than others for fear of rejection or not caring about that a single bit.

Quite frankly, if people react negatively, critically or cynically to your success, it may be time to reassess your friends and associates.

It could be that they’re jealous because they’re no longer perceived as more successful than you. Or maybe they are resentful because they’ve never reached your level of success. It doesn’t really matter the reason behind their feelings—if people are that small-minded and petty and can’t spare any positive words about your success, do you really want to have them around you? Do you want them influencing your life and decisions? Changing your perception of their role in your life is a great way to throw off the shackles they put on you and head guilt-free toward your success.

Don’t let these people hold you back. You may think you simply can’t cut them out of your life, as it might seem ruthless and cold, but it isn’t. You’re taking care of your best interests. You’re setting your boundaries and supporting your healthy self-esteem. You’re looking after yourself, your time, your focus and priorities. You deserve a proper support system that includes positive people and a giving, back-and-forth environment. Consider what Warren Buffet asks himself of people whose business he considers investing in:

  • "Do I like them?”
  • "Do I trust them?”
  • "Do I respect them?”

As you age, the people in your life come and go. You attract new like-minded friends and acquaintances who help you grow further. It’s evolution. And remember, your success and income is a reflection of the five closest people in your life so, choose your friends wisely.

You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Jim Rohn