Becoming Wealthy Regardless of Your Family’s Assets

What do Paul Mitchell, Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey and Milton Hershey all have in common? They were all born into families that didn’t have much money. And yet, each one of these individuals became extremely rich as adults. They had the same “start-up” assets every other human being has: the body, the mind and the soul, but they did more with those assets than most others will do. Why is that? What makes them different?

You and I have the same opportunity to become as rich as they did; we just have to unlock the doors standing between wealth and us.  The Moral Dilemma of Wealth  Many people (including myself) often ask, “Is it wrong to want to be rich?” The simple answer is “No!” Wanting more out of life is never wrong. In fact, I’d venture to say that it’s almost disrespectful to the life you’ve been given to not try for more than you were born into. 

Despite knowing this, I often find myself stuck in a trap, believing that wanting more out of life and wanting to live comfortably is wrong. But wanting money doesn’t make you a bad person, a mistruth I believed for so many years. It simply means you want to live completely for your mind, body and soul. You want to give yourself everything you possibly can.  Being rich doesn’t make you a bad person. Rather, it means you can take your personal talents and use them to your benefit. Isn’t this what we’re supposed to do with life? Aren’t we supposed to use our gifts and abilities to help others and to better our own situation? You and I have to learn to move forward on the road of riches and embrace the adventure of a lifetime.