5 Simple Steps to Achieving Your Dreams

5 Simple Steps to Achieving Your Dreams

Are you dreaming big enough? Few of us do! If you are like the vast majority of people out there, you have a dream, but then you scale it back a bit because you feel uncertain whether or not you can achieve it. That’s the wrong attitude. Those who succeed in business are the ones willing to go out there and risk it all simply because they believe in their dream – and believe they can get it. But how can you be certain you are dreaming big enough?  Here are some suggestions from the experts: 

Find Your Passion

What is it that keeps you up at night? What makes your heart pound and your pulse race? It is this kind of passion that will propel you faster and farther than anyone else. Wanting something a little bit isn’t enough – you have to want it a lot! You have to want it more than anything else!  Desire is the starting point of success. Without a driving passion you will lack the desire to make your dreams reality. Find your passion and you will find your key to success. 

Visualize Success

Dreaming about success isn’t enough. If you can’t visualize yourself actually accomplishing those goals you will never fully embrace success.  It takes hard work and determination to succeed, and sometimes the only person who can imagine the possibilities is the person steering the vessel (that’s you!). Figure out what you want out of life and your business then see yourself getting it. This is a crucial step in the process you may have never considered, let alone implemented. But consider this, if you can’t “see’ yourself as a success, how is anyone else going to see you that way? 

Make a Plan

Achieving the success you are after is not going to be easy and it isn’t going to come without a thoughtful plan of action. Think of success as a journey. Every journey requires a map or at least an idea of where you are headed.  The same is true for your climb to the top. Until you know where you are going you certainly can not figure out how to get there. Start with a few goals then decide what action steps will help you achieve those goals. Before you know it, you will be well on your way down the road of success. 


Attaining your dreams takes more than a thought out plan and a desire – it also requires a firm commitment.  Give yourself daily, weekly and monthly goals and schedule time to work on them on a regular basis.  If you want to write the Great American Novel, then give yourself a timetable and write out a schedule to help you keep it. That schedule may look something like this:

  • Get up at 5 am every morning and write 3 pages by 7
  • Review the morning’s work each evening before bed
  • Commit one weekend per month to work full days on your novel
  • Attend a writer’s conference for technical help and encouragement at least once per year.

Don’t just assume you will get the work done; commit to yourself you will do it. This may require writing a contract for yourself or getting an accountability partner to urge you forward when you begin to stagnate. Deadlines are always great motivation starters. 

Review Your Progress Regularly

Make sure you are making – and continue to make -- progress. Don’t let your dreams just fade away. Take action! Going after your dreams is not always easy and can sometimes even be a bit scary. But remember, the tips above are simple ways to start the process and keep moving forward – one step at a time.  Your progress may seem slow at times, but remember, some progress will ultimately mean success, but failing to make a move (even a slow one) will only result in unmet expectations.

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