4 Steps to Begin a Lifetime of Happiness (in Just 10 Minutes a Day)

"Happiness is a journey, not a destination; happiness is to be found along the way, not at the end of the road, for then the journey is over and it's too late. The time for happiness is today not tomorrow." ~ Quoted by Paul H Dunn.

We must make a conscious effort to seek and live out happiness each and every day! By setting aside just 10 minutes per day and following these simple steps, happiness will spread throughout your entire life. 

Step 1. Focus on Happiness

These 10 minutes are just for you! So take the first few moments to disconnect from any external stress or distractions, so you can focus in and find your happiest, most relaxed state.  Start out by simply focusing on being happy. Remember fond childhood memories, think of your favorite vacation or times with friends, or just amuse yourself with cheesy puns or knock-knock jokes, whatever strikes your fancy.

Step 2. Find Your Common Thread

As you search through the deepest corners of your brain, seeking out things that have made you happy in the past, try to look for similarities.  Are you happiest when you are with others or by yourself? Do you like silly humor or dry humor? Does a daily routine make you happy or do you crave change and spontaneity? Try to be as specific as possible and create a clear picture in your mind of the things, people and places that bring you the most joy. 

Step 3. Build Your Ideal Future

Once you achieve your happy mental state and find your common threads that evoke positivity within you, take the next few moments to picture yourself enjoying these things, in the future.  Really try to see, but more importantly, to feel, what your future life looks like! It's so important to feel the emotion of already being in possession of what you want to attract, so get super specific on what you desire and visualize yourself as already having achieved that reality. Creative visualization takes practice, so be patient with yourself and soon you'll be seeing your future in vivid color.

Step 4. Envision Yourself Achieving

Now, bring it all together! You know what makes you happy, why it makes you happy, and what will make you happy in the future. Set aside time each day to visualize yourself accomplishing your future goals and see yourself maintaining this success and happiness long-term. Remember to get super specific on the details!  When your visualizations become more consistent, you'll find that it becomes easier to see the details of your dreams. Your subconscious brain will start to accept these ideas as reality, and you will become open to opportunities for growth and success.