10 Tips to Make Monday Magnificent

10 Tips to Make Monday Magnificent


Prepare the Night Before

The best way to start any day is by planning it the night before. If you procrastinate on this you may want to try planning your Monday the Friday before.

Dress for Success

One of the best ways to feel good is to be dressed in attire that makes you feel confident and on top of your game.

Get Plenty of Sleep

Make sure you don’t overdue the weekend by staying up late on Sunday night. Getting adequate sleep is the key to starting Monday feeling refreshed.

Wake Up Early

Get rolling a little earlier than usual. By doing this you will be able to take on any surprises the day might have in store for you.

Have a Positive Attitude

This is critical to success in any area of your life. Sometimes on Monday you just need a reminder of the effects of a positive attitude.

Listen to Your Favorite Music

Either while you’re getting ready or on the drive to work put in something that makes you want to sing and let those endorphins roll.

Work Out

I hate getting up to work out but I have never regretted doing it once I am up and moving. When you’re able to get a workout in in the morning you already feel like you have accomplished something for the week and you haven’t even made it into the office yet.

Spark Your Day

Read for a half hour or listen to something motivating on YouTube or even a podcast of your favorite motivational speaker.

Be Thankful

I suggest making sure you put your entries into a gratitude journal once it becomes a habit. It will change your life (I promise).

Prioritize and Tackle the Big Stuff

As Brian Tracy would say “eat that frog!” Whatever it is that is the biggest project start with that and don’t work on anything else until that is finished and it will guarantee a successful week.

PS: These work any day of the week, but especially Monday! Happy start of the work week everyone. 

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